Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Have you ever thought to yourself or openly made the statement: I think we or I need counseling? Such as couples counseling, or family counseling, or even individual counseling to help subside the pressures life circumstances may bring.

Many factors may contribute to adverse effects on your work performance or personal health. Whether going through marital problems, dealing with challenges or difficulties with adolescent or young adult children, attending to aging parents, financial issues, or seeking a balance between home and work, these situations can negatively affect your performance or personal health tremendously.

Often, we find ourselves at a cross-road when we feel overwhelmed, physically ill, or facing unsurmountable pressure. In times such as these, seeking advice or guidance from family or friends may unintentionally add to the confusion. While it is true that family and friends may mean well, they do not always guide you well because often they are too close to the situation. For this reason, reaching out to a non-biased professional can help navigate you in reaching the healing and wholeness you so desire.

We at Grace Counseling Services are here and ready to serve you with a free from bias and empathetic form of professional counseling. We use a hybrid approach of clinical theory along with biblical principles in our sphere of counseling.

Although we stand solidly on faith-based counseling practices, we are not religion-centered and therefore are purposely a non-denominational organization. Our goal is to guide you through the services we offer, intending to assist you in finding inner peace and emotional solace.

We believe a one size fits all approach is not suitable for every client’s pursuit towards achieving wholeness. Therefore, by customizing specific therapeutic practices and utilizing spiritual concepts as needed, you should experience noticeable progress while focusing on making your primary goal(s). If you desire to own coping skills and empowerment tools that can assist in navigating through uncertain or ambiguous times, Grace Counseling Services is a call away, and we are ready to serve you today!

Counseling sessions are unique and carefully tailored to meet the needs of individuals, couples, and families, and we always use the best tools and strategies that suit each specific need. Therefore, with Biblical principles (Faith-Based Counseling) being at the forefront, the methodology that best accommodates the requirement may also call for employing evidence-based techniques. Currently, we utilize practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Narrative Therapy (N.T.), Mindfulness Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), or emotionally Focused Therapy. We believe the therapeutic relationship is a collaboration between the clients(s), the therapist, and the methods selected that can assist the client in reaching complete emotional wholeness. 

Typically, clients come to sessions once a week or every other week for 60 minutes. Couples and families often need between 90 – 120 minutes per session. However, if a client is in a crisis (such as suicide ideation), frequent sessions may be necessary to prevent clients from harming themselves or others.

Yes, we do! All clients have scheduled sessions and time slots held explicitly for them, which makes that timeframe unavailable to anyone else. As a result, when it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment, our policy states clients give a 24-hour notice. Should the client(s) be a no show to their scheduled date without prior notice, a monetary contribution for not canceling on time is appreciated.

Grace Counseling Services is honored to help you along your way to wholeness. Currently, we do not charge set fees for any of our services. However, we appreciate all monetary contributions given on behalf of your short-term or throughout your long-term journey with us.

Counseling/therapy is an investment, and individuals, couples, and families need to understand that it is worth the expense. Positive mental health and emotional wellbeing is not a luxury but rather the lifestyle that everyone is entitled to and deserves.  

When contributing, we accept cash and checks ($35.00 charge for return checks) at the beginning of each session. Checks should be made payable to Grace Counseling Services, and in the interest of time, monetary contributions should be prepared before your session with a counselor.

Currently, Grace Counseling Services does not accept insurance payments because we are not on any insurance panels. Many of our clients prefer not to use insurance as payment. The reason being is insurance companies requires a diagnosis that has the potential of being shared with employers. Keep in mind insurance companies need a diagnosis, prognosis, and progress reports.

Whereas private pay, such as what we offer, allows for quality services in counseling with full confidentiality without intrusiveness from managed care requirements.

Counseling/therapy is an investment, and individuals, couples, and families need to understand that it is worth the expense. Positive mental health and emotional wellbeing is not a luxury but rather the lifestyle that everyone is entitled to and deserves.  

Grace Counseling Services and its therapists/professionals are accountable for following all guidelines and laws to protect confidentiality. Please read our Information Authorization, & Consent to Treatment Form for further clarification on your privacy.

You may reach us by completing any of our contact forms, by email at, or by calling us at 770-560-2551.