Grace Counseling Services is for:

People that long for positive change(s) in their lives, and for those seeking spiritual and professional guidance in helping them to achieve wholeness in their mindsets, families, personal relationships, and physical wellbeing.

Grace Counseling Services is for you if you are:

Experiencing constant combative issues with your spouse/partner

Going through difficulties with your adolescent or young adult children

Unable to manage and keep anger under control

Dealing with inner turmoil issues such as bitterness and resentment

Confronting spiritual life struggles

Unable to manage anxiety/panic attacks

Facing parenting problems associated with divorce or blended family issues

Seeking grief counseling

Navigating through the struggles of singlehood

In need of health and wellness guidance

Life coach consulting

Life-balance sustainability

We aim to serve as the catalyst that stimulates motivation and self-determination in individuals who seek positive life change(s). We also strive to encourage those who are willing to act and do the required goal-reaching work. Our ambition is to serve as a launching pad for people who dare to hope, dream, and visualize a better quality of life for themselves and perhaps for their loved ones as well. We believe that emotional wellness, spiritual wellbeing, and inner healing are essential components for obtaining wholeness, restoration, and life-balance sustainability. Our approach has a design to connect individuals to his or her full potential by way of the inspired Word of God and evidence-based therapeutic practices.